Toybox gif TOYBOX from Barrel of DonkeysTOYBOX

“A superb test of dexterity and left/right brain coordination” THE GUARDIAN

Toybox is a game about
doing two things at once.
With your left thumb...
Shoot enemies on the left side of the
screen to earn blocks on the right.
And with your right thumb...
Then match the blocks to
explode stuff and power up
your spaceship.
Each side affects the other—
master them both to survive and
race up the weekly leaderboard.

FRESH level every week

Everyone faces the same enemy patterns for a week, giving you the chance to learn them and improve. Then after a week the patterns change—so there's always a new challenge and a fresh leaderboard to climb.

Master an all new useless skill

Pilot a toy spaceship while thinking as far ahead as you can to set up block chain reactions. It hurts your brain a little, but in a fun way.

Generative soundtrack

Your in-game actions trigger the notes that make up the dinky toy box melody.

Make your initials famous

Get a top 3 score and your initials will appear at the start of everyone else’s games for the next week. Or connect with friends and compete for the top spots within your friend pool.

Daring comebacks

Lost your last life? Quick, you’ve still got a moment to pull off a desperate block combo and get back in the game.

In-app purchases or ads?


Buy Toybox - 99c for iPhone and iPod touch
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